Seattle 2072
Where Shadowrunners thrive and there are corporate spy’s and assassins behind every corner. Have fun.

Meet the gang


Blackbeard is a 29 year old Dwarf with (obviously) a black beard and black, curly hair. Standing at average height (for a dwarf) he typically wears an armored jacket with pockets filled to the brim with magical reagents. He hates Elves. Seriously like fuck those guys. One time he was in a bar and some little elf shit starts talking about his height, and he was like “what you want pretty boy” and then he beat his ass".

On the eve of the theft of project Angel, Aries had gotten word that an individual would be coming to steal the object. None of the guards had been informed of the nature of project Angel, and among them was none other than Blackbeard himself, who had been assigned for watch of the perimeters of the facility.
Unfortunately for Blackbeard, he is and was cursed to be unfathomably unfortunate with technology, and thus as he attempted to raise the alarm to announce the arrival of who he would later discover to be known only as “Nyx”, he found that his actions shut down the communications array. In the confusion, Nyx was able to acquire project Angel with much less resistance, and Blackbeard fled the premises, forced to live in the shadows to avoid the ire of his misfortune. Now with a lead on the identity of Nyx, Blackbeard seeks to capture Nyx dead or alive and redeem his own reputation.


Samueal and Myself were part of the 405 Hellhounds, we were best friends since the day we first met. He was from the barrens, and my family was descendents of a Middle class Japanese clan. On that fateful day when Samueal and I met with our leader Warpact (405 Hellhounds) when he gave us the mission that led to the death of my best friend and my fall from grace. The mission that basically ended our lifes was a suicide mission against a popular star of the city that was advocating against a company we collect money for. The mission was going well till I triggered the alarm that made all of her guards find us, and Samueal was killed on the spot. I couldn’t freeze up i had to get out of their, I busted through closest entrance that i saw which was a window on the first floor. After I escaped i ran down the nearest escape route i could find which was some dreary alley, I felt a jolt on my shoulder mid sprint and i was pulled into some bar called HellHole. I say to myself “Who, the fuck saved me” I hear a voice from across the bar saying “It was me Kobun”. He introduces himself as Chains. My response is, “Oh, you’re that guy, thanks for saving my ass”. With the beer that Chains handed me in my hands I had a faint Knowledge of what i needed to, That my Ex gang was dealing with a man named “Nyx”, That Bloodhound a fellow gang leader and friend of mine, had good connections within our area, and Chains were my way back up to the top.

Lumen Pierce

Lumen looks for the light in the world after her luxurious lifestyle was ripped away from her at a young age. As a child Lumen was very accustomed to the better side of the new world, constantly sheltered by her parents, until one day her father @Rodger Pierce was drawn in too deep with his involvement in work (around the year 2060) . Her world was shattered with her fathers disappearance and the shadows began to taint her soul. Her mother, Hannah, began to explain what really happened and expose the cruelty of the corporate world, but Hannah could not stand to ruin her daughters innocence. A short two years later Hannah fell ill and died. recently orphaned Lumen found a new fire ignited inside her she was going to avenge her parents and discover what her mother could never tell her.

Now in the year 2072 Lumen has discovered that her father was a Fall man for Saeder- Krupp and was taken over an issue involving other corperations such as Ares and a group known as the Syndicate. Through her search she has lost all innocence and s very deceptive. Her main prerogative is to get closer and expose Saeder- Krupp. Her closest connection to the Syndicate is an old friend that bartends at the hell hole.


Sarah grew up feeling like the prize of the entire Ares corporation. Every minute was spent grooming her to follow in her Fathers foot steps as Sniper Support for Firewatch. When she was finally old enough to go to boot camp, she was so excited that not even the absolute hatred of her future team leader, Marcus, could dissuade her. She made it through with flying colors and was preparing for her first assignment when her Mentor, code named Nyx, gave her a special assignment. He instructed her to wait at a certain spot within Detroit and fire when he gave the signal, saying “She would know who to fire at”. She waited for an entire day until her mentor and the Mysterious Man showed up. Her mentor signaled her, but before she could pull the trigger she had a pang of doubt and fear. She hesitated, and that was all the man needed. In the next few seconds he was gone and her Mentor was furious.
30 seconds after that her position was flooded with light as Ares Firewatch surrounded her. Were it not for feeling as though she was the target of their weapons she would have been struck in awe. Her tribunal was quick and efficient. She was found guilty of working with a conspirator and deemed too risky to be allowed to remain. However the good word of her Father along with her obvious failure to fire at her Mentors instruction saved her. It was decided that she would be sent after her Ex-Mentor and if/when she could catch him she would be allowed to back in.
She was poor, homeless, and had barely any Nuyen but she made it to Seattle where her “Uncle” Festus worked as an Ares Arms Dealer and there was a hint to her Mentors Location. She made her way to the 405 Hellhounds Territory, and after giving a description of her Mentor, made the friendship of an Adept who’s friend had been killed in a raid led by him. She made a quick partnership with him and set out to learn as much as she could so that they could both have revenge. But in between now and revenge, she’d need a paycheck, and with only one marketable skill, she knew what she would be doing.