Dead man's echos

Best Laid Plans

The group is given a new job by Chains who instructed them to meet at a grave yard on the outskirts of town. They were supposed to extract an agent from the company Micro-tech who specializes in the manufacture of heavy machinery and industrial equipment. Chains told them to not come to Hell hole for some time as there was a great amount of heat on the shadowrunners at the moment and he did not wish to bring that heat to the bar. This instruction they did not follow and the bar was later investigated by Ares Knight Errant . Long Shot initially decided to infiltrate this business after Lumen had begun to get integrated into the company and acquired a job there under a fake sin. Long shots infiltration went well at first she incapacitated a guard who was on a smoke break and made it inside undetected then she learned that their extraction target was in a lower basement that was only accessible from the managers office on the third floor. This infiltration did not go as well as the manager was prepared for someone to attempt to gain access the basement and called Knight Errant while she was distracting Long Shot. Long Shot escaped the the building before Knight Errant got there meeting back up with Bloodedge and Blackbeard who had been waiting off site for her. They contacted chains from Bloodege’s apartment asking for backup or help on the job as Knight Errant was now swarming the building where their target was located. Chains put them in touch with a Mormon assassin named Ryan Adams who happened to live above Bloodedge. Ryan negotiated his payment and went to the building to sneak in as Long Shot distracted some of the Knight Errant stationed outside of the building.



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