Dead man's echos

First Run

"I like trucks"

IlikeTrucks.jpg Bloodedge gets pulled into the Hellhole bar by Chains. Inside is Longshot already waiting sipping some soy-water. Chains takes Bloodedge to a booth and sits him down while telling him to wait. He then approaches Longshot and entices her to join them by using information he learned of her somehow. At that moment Lumen walks in to talk to her bartender friend, Francisco for any information he may have. Longshot, after hearing Bloodedge is having a bad day, plays wing girl and gets Lumen to come over to the table.
Eventually they are led downstairs where they meet Mr.Johnson, an orc in nice clothing and surrounded by a much higher class of bar than upstairs. There they are each offered a job driving a truck to a location, procuring a certain crate from the gang there (means unspecified), and to kill the gang leader. They spend roughly 5 minutes making plans and then meet up later the next day at the trucks hidden location.
They arrive at the truck and drive to the location where Longshot gets into a position on a nearby crane with her rifle as Bloodedge and Lumen approach the gang, leading them to believe that they are prospective buyers for the crate. Lumen easily talks her way into the facility where they are now out of Longshots over-watch. As they talk to the boss, Lumen falters slightly but Bloodedge steps in casually and fools the gang boss. After this Lumen name drops Saeder-Krupp, immediately striking terror and fervor into the gang boss. He commands all of his men to begin loading the truck. However, he is expecting payment, which they dont have. Meanwhile Bloodedge is becoming incredibly antsy, wishing to get the first strike with his katana.
Longshot gives the word that she is going to fire, gaining the element of surpise. She sends 3 APDS rounds into 2 mooks and the Boss, ending their life from 300 meters away. Barely a step slower than her, Bloodedge swings out with his sword, slashing one mans arm off, driving a surface gash into another mans chest, but sadly missing the third man he attempted to take down. Chains opens up with a single pistol shot to the uninjured man and he dies easily. Lumen dives into the truck for cover and takes a simple shot with her gun, missing however. Longshot sends another 3 APDS bullets downrange and ends the encounter. All told the encounter took only 6 seconds to kill 7 men. With the crate loaded into the truck, Chains drives the truck back to the spot leaving the three there.
As they panic over what to do with the bodies or if to loot them, they hear sirens coming towards them and quickly spread out. Lumen and Bloodedge are covered in blood, Lumen going to an associate for shower and change of clothes while Bloodedge gos to a now irate ex girlfriend of his. They meet back up at the bar, Longshot in the same cloths fairly relaxed, Bloodedge having washed his clothes, and Lumen once again looking gorgeous in an entirely different set of clothing. They proceed downstairs where they inform Mr. Johnson that the job has been completed. He is incredibly impressed at their speed, considering he gave them a week, and adds in a bonus. They make 9000 Nuyen a piece and quickly decide to spend the night at the club Blackout.
While there, Bloodedge and Lumen open up about themselves with Bloodedge revealing a real name for himself and Lumen talking about the Syndicate which she has ties against, if she could learn of them. Longshot remains somewhat silent, unwilling to reveal much of herself. After drinking and partying they all go to their respective homes, with Longshot having bought that night an apartment apparantly in the same building as Chains.



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