Dead man's echos

Kill Joseph - Part One

"Wait, where's the twist?"

p. Lumen, Sarah, and Kuzeku all arrive outside a nondescript building with a black armor plated bus in front of them. After Sarah goes inside and confirms this is the meeting place, Lumen and Kuzeku walk in and begin talking. Johnson tells them that the job is kill to a mid level Ares Exec named Joseph who has been selling certain items to the 405 Bloodhounds. Whether these sales are “condoned” or not by Ares is not discussed. They are then introduced to Blackbeard, also known as “Techboy” by Chains, who only says that he is good with swords. He is also a wizard, but does not happen to mention this to the team. They then get off the bus, with Lumen and Kuzeku heading towards Hellhole, while Blackbeard and Sarah go walking around.
p. After the rather high level of fear they felt after charging in without an adequate plan last time, the group decides to devote more time to planning this time. Plans range from killing everyone to the finalized plan of infiltrating the 405’s for information as to the location of the dealer. For this Kuzeku brings in his old underling, Bloodhound, who Lumen begins talking to and asking for information. He begins to talk to Lumen and eventually she is able to convince him to take her to a meeting with the new Lieutenant who is dealing with Joseph.
p. Meanwhile, Sarah decides to track down a rather upscale vehicle which had passed the group when they first got off the bus. In doing so however, she becomes ridiculously lost, also attracting the attention of an apparantly extremely unlucky troll. The troll tells her to give him all her money. She responds by offering the troll a fairly lenient offer that if he backs off now, he wont lie dead in the streets. This catches him off guard but still determined to get her money. She fires one bullet from her FN HAR aimed at his head and nearly kills him with one shot. Feeling bad, she uses a trauma patch on him and leaves him with a grenade, as a form of payment.
p. Blackbeard however faced no such mugging and after Sarah is able to find him, they both leave for Hellhole. They find the place fairly easily and decide on a course of action. Lumen is going to meet the new Lieutenant the next day and Sarah will be following so as to provide sniper support if necessary. Blackbeard goes home to his Hobo Tenant and notices the five other hobos in his domain. He decides to teach them a lesson and after easily powering his strength up to troll like levels, bisects a human hobo in two and easily kills a troll in two hits. He briefly considers stringing them up outside as a warning method but decides against it due to the attention it would call down. He goes to sleep covered in blood and wakes up covered in blood.
p. Lumen poses as someone interested in making deals with the Ares Exec and easily convinces the 405 Lieutenant of that. However she finds that she needs to find some way to inform Sarah of the information in the Manilla Folder that Johnson had given them. So she reluctantly sends Sarah to her Apartment building with her real name where Sarah abuses the trust but also takes the manilla folder. Lumen is able to successfully negotiate for the Lieutenant to set up a time and place for her to meet and discuss business with Joseph. She then leaves to go to a party downstairs. Knowing that she shouldn’t need backup now, Sarah goes back to Hell-Hole.
p. They wait two weeks, each living their lives and going about routine activities until the fated day. Before heading out, Blackbeard summons a Force 5 Fire Spirit (with the fear optional power) and has it follow him waiting for his commands. A black SUV appears for Lumen to get into, with Kuzeku and Blackbeard acting as bodyguards. While the plan was initially for Sarah to follow the van and track it, this quickly proves beyond her set of skills. So improvising she decides to run and sneak underneath the vehicle and cling to it for dear life. Luckily, she is able to do so without causing terrible pain to herself.
p. The vehicle arrives at the docks. The area is fairly abandoned but also with anything that could serve as a sniper post taken down. 6 pairs of legs appear to Sarah from underneath the car. Lumen and her bodyguards are escorted inside the building, where they notice 6 medical tents set up for the purposes of mass surgery and cyber augmenting. There tour guide is a hispanic man with a cybernetic leg. With some skill and patience, Sarah is able to sneak into the building and on top of the catwalk. Sarah notices 2 snipers with weapons trained on Blackbeard and Kuzeku. Struggling over whether or not to fire at them, she decides to let the boys on the floor be the ones to start the party.
(Please tell me if you think I missed anything. I am trying quite a bit to make sure that these arent centered towards my character, though that can be somewhat difficult.



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