Dead man's echos

Novacoke, Doom, and Speeding Tickets

"You know that dwarf that was with us? He was a wizard!"

Ryan began his infiltration of the Micro Tech building once Longshot began the ‘merry chase’ protocol. This involved leading the Knight Errant officers on a long chase form roof top to shady alleyway to violent gang districts. Whilst in violent gang district Longshot lead them to house that had many gangsters along with “blow, and hookers.” She broke into the gang hideout while the gang was battling the Knight Errant and stole several kilos of Novacoke to sell after the job was completed.
Meanwhile Ryan’s infiltration went very well as he lied his way through Riggs and Murtah (the investigators in the crime scene caused by Longshot) and made his way into the basement to acquire the VIP. Unbeknownst to Ryan, Blackbeard and Chains had already eliminated the target. What Ryan found down there was beyond description, but suffice to say the target was dead. They then regrouped and went to the graveyard to tell Chains of their failure and to sell Novacoke.
We succeeded on those two objectives and received our next job, to infiltrate another Micro Tech building’s servers and acquire and/or destroy the files on something called ‘Project Old Angel.’
Bloodedge and Black Beard decided to speed their while the rest of them rode the bus to the mission site to check it out. But Bloodedge had caught the attention of the local Knight Errant beat cops. In an effort to avoid the 120 nuyen fine he decided to out run the cops. Black Beard helped by using his spirit to crash the cop cars allowing them to escape. This soon spiraled out of control and forced him to dump his bike and vacate his apartment.
Meanwhile Longshot, Ryan, and Luman received a call from the mysterious decker that they had run afoul before. He had a job offer; spy on Chains and report on his movements. Longshot, being paranoid, asked the newly arrived Black Beard to see if they saw anyone in the area. They found a wizard watching them form a nearby building. Longshot shot him in the face killing him instantly, and rejecting the deckers job as the wizard was his friend.
Later Bloodedge was contacted by the decker with the same offer with the added bonus of keeping the cops off of him, he accepted.



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