Human, around 5’11, and 200 lbs
He wears a hooded trench coat with body armor underneath.
He has a penchant for having odds and ends on strings around his neck, often trophies from different runs.
He always wears shades.
Has grenades…Lots


No one is entirely sure when he showed up in Seattle doing runs but there are two concrete facts about him.
1) He was born and raised in Chicago and hates bugs as an effect. Often using a can of bug spray he carries with him.
2) His hobbies include drinking, watching gang members be idiots, and kill other shaman with their own summons.
3) He is known to live in an entire floor of one of the local apartments, but no one is sure where it is

Some feel that he is crazy and he would probably agree with this assessment. He likes to talk to a small stuffed cat toy he keeps in his pocket. He says that it brings him luck.

His name is spoken with some infamy and fear among the magical side of the community many either trying to kill him or staying well out of his way. This has also lead him to be a rather desirable member for many of the runners in Seattle if there is anticipation of running into magicals on the run.

His rates are random as he bases what the charge is by how much fun he thinks the run will be or if you amuse him.

In his neighborhood an area called the Barrens he has earned himself a NTBFW rating. (Not to be Fraged With) He is commonly found at a bar name Hell Hole.


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