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Im gonna call it Larry


Im gonna call it Larry

After angering a small coven of vampire drug dealers on the outskirts of Seattle, Bloodedge wakes up to a call from his former land lord. Apparantly, the land lord was rather upset that there was now a very much dead body in his building and demanded that Bloodedge come to clean it up and deal with the problem. Bloodedge, the naive street samurai, hopped onto his brand new bike and started the drive out to his former place of residence. On the way he decides to call Ryan, the terribly kind mormon assassin who lives above him, asking him to check in on his place to clean it up before he gets there.
Ryan, the neighborly mormon, slips on a stealth suit and slips down into the room, to find 3 vampires staring at him in slight astonishment. The vampires quickly assume that he is there to do something of the body, ahem bodies. Ryan notices that his landlord is now dead and in addition, so is Rashid the simple ex-blt addict taxi driver that drove them to safety from the vampires. “So, whats goin on guys?” Ryan says attempting to be calm and talk his way out of the situation. “Your, associate, killed one of our best pushers. This angered me.” the 3rd vampire began to explain, in an obviously evil british accent. The most terrifying thing about him though was the fact that while the two accompanying him were brandishing assault rifles with swords at their sides, he had no obvious weapons. Wizard. “I did not think that he would actually be stupid enough to come, let alone send one of his friends to clean it up. So what you’re going to do is tell him to go to the Coffee Peddler, make up whatever lie you need to without alerting him as to our presence, and keep him there until we can pick him up. Understood?” Michael slowly explained.
Ryan, now wishing he could curse, immediately called Bloodedge. “Hey Bloodedge, whats goin on buddy?” “Oh just on my way back to the apartment to clean up, how bad is it?” “Pretty bad but I took care of it. I need you to meet me at the Coffee Peddler, now. I have mission vital information that I need to share with you.” “Did you talk to Chains?” “Yes, he’s the one that gave me the information to give to you. It is extremely important to the job, so we need to meet there asap.” “Are you sure? Should I call chains?” “What? No. Chains gave me the information to give to you, so you don’t need to call him.” “Yeah but I really think I should call chains.” “No! Do not call chains, he’s still coming down from the 4 kilos of coke you guys brought him.” “Fine, but you sure the place doesn’t need more help?” At this point, Michael begins to laugh hysterically, having overheard the entire conversation. “Yes! It is fine just meet me at the coffee peddler as soon as you can, ok?” “Alright man, I’ll call longshot too.” “What?! No! Don’t --” the line suddenly goes dead as Bloodedge hangs up. Michael, appearing almost winded from laughter, “You know, I was thinking we’d kill you too, but now I’m in too good of a mood. So scurry back up to your apartment and we will not have a problem.” Ryan breathes easily, and begins to go back to his home.
Now, this is a low income neighborhood, not so low as to be a hell pit but low enough to have very thin walls and even the floors could be heard through. Ryan was far too nervous from his previous encounter to take this fact into consideration. So as soon as he got back up to his room, before the a vampires had even left the one right below him, he called bloodedge back and told him it was a trap. Michael smiled a bit before getting all of his men out of the room.
Meanwhile Bloodedge had called longshot and was telling her to go to the coffee pedler. “Fine but youre buying me a biscati.” she hung up saying. Getting her coat and assault rifle ready she left the house to listen to some details. Bloodedge, looking down at his phone and realizing Ryan was calling him decided to answer. “DO NOT GO TO THE COFFEE HOUSe!!! It Is a trap. There are vampires wanting to kill you there and if you go there you will be——(BOOM)” the line went dead.
Ryan sat in his hallway wondering what went wrong in his life. He was a good mormon, never drank, never smoked, never even a curse word. But for some reason, he’d just had plastic explosives destroy everything beneath, to the side of, and seemingly inside of him. He thanked God the moment before he passed out, hoping he’d wake up in the loving arms of Doc Wagon.
Bloodedge, not to be deterred by the explosion he heard, continues on to his old aparment. He narrowly beats his way through into the terrorist incident and makes his way for the stairs. As he turns to his left, he notices a man with extremely pale skin and a far too large gun aiming at him and smiling. With his last action, he calls Longshot and tells her the coffee house is a trap. Only the heavy lining of his jacket stopped the bullets from tearing him into hamburger and instead into a cold piece of meat.
“The fuck is goin on? I just go to get a biscati and everyone starts dying.” Longshot had already heard about the explosion over at Bloodedges old place and knew Ryan lived there. Figuring Ryan was probably dead and Bloodedge soon to join him, she ran back as fast as she could home, but stopping only once to get a biscati from some generic coffee house.
Lumen, thankfully unaware of any of these events, realized that she needed to find a way into the basment. She decided to mill around and make friends with her other coworkers, each of them in turn being drawn to her by the excited and beautiful face none of them had seen the likes of in years. She gracefully slided her way into talking to her manager, who seemed quite smitten with her. “Perhaps you’d like to go out, as friends, and talk some time away from everyone?” Lumen asked, hoping she could gather information from him. “Sure, sounds great.” Steven hastily replied, slightly confused that she had to add as friends yet remarkably excited he could enjoy this womans company for an evening.
Meanwhile in his dark hobo feared lair, DarkBeard begins the chanting necessary to summon and bind 2 spirits for use later.
Bloodedge wakes up in a dark featureless room, with the only source of light hitting him to blind him as to whats outside. A cool and casual voice begins to greet him “Heeeellllooo. I hope you dont mind the water, but you were sleeping a bit too much and we’d rather have you alert. Shan’t let the day get away from us like that.” Bloodedge, meanwhile finds himself focusing on maintaining his fear, believing that they can sense it and that they will hunger for him even more upon smelling it. “What do you want from me?” “Oh we merely wish for you to complete a job for us. We can tell that you’re awakened, an adept if my taste says correctly. Losing your essence would most certainly have doubly negative effects on you. So we give you a choice. We need one of two people dead. We will be nice enough to leave you that choice as to whom you’re going to kill.” The Magister then takes out two photos from his pocket and shows Bloodedge one. In it a hair slicked young man in a very nice suit stands and smiles at the one taking the picture. “This is Kyle O’Mally. A prominent politician who looks like he might actually get to do something in the city. Unfortunately for him, he wishes to lower drug rate through the lower city, which as you could understand would hinder our sales. So kill him, and we let you live.” Bloodedge, not too keen on assassinating a politician, decides to ask who the other target is. “The other target is this man. I believe you’ve met him before.” The Magister hands him an old photograph of a man in crisp military haircut and tailored suit chatting on an expensive commlink, with the bored yet engaged look of a middle man executive. Instantly, Bloodedge realizes this is Chains hes looking at. “Ill take the politician.” Bloodedge quickly exclaims. “Good. We thought that would be the easier of the two. Now of course we wont be doing this on the honor system, but thankfully since you were carrying around 15k nuyen in your pockets we thought we’d buy you a nice little cranial bomb and collar to inform us of what you do.” After hearing this, Bloodedge quickly passes out from the love tap at the back of his head.
Waking up hours later with a massive headache at the back of his head, Bloodedge scrambles to get in contact with Longshot. “Dude, what the fuck happened? Where have you been?” “No time, just meet me at my place, ok?” “Gah, fine.” Minutes later, both are standing in Bloodedge’s new apartment as he panics. Reluctantly, he decides to tell Longshot everything that has occurred. “Are you fucking kidding me? You go back to your fire bombed apartment, nearly killed by a gunner, then get taken hostage by vampires who decide to implant a bomb in your skull, oh and the real treat, they can hear all of this?” “Yes….” “Hand me the monitor collar. Kinda surprised they havent blown it yet, but oh well. Hey, Vampires. Wanna make a deal? Ill take out the Politician for you and you can take the bomb out of my friends head, then if you have any other assasination jobs, just call me up. Hows that sound?”
Meanwhile, increasingly terrified at the situation vastly spinning out of control, Bloodedge whirls around and using his katana, cuts off his skull, with the cranial bomb lightly blinking on the inside. Before passing out, he laughs maniacally, and falls to the ground.
A panic ensued from Longshot, who before hanging up, asked the vampires to send her video if they got it. Taking a shot of drugs, she struggles desperately to keep him alive and decides to forfeit the docwagon contract she bought earlier that day to him, in order for him to live.

A Mountain of Trouble
The Wizzard made me do it!


Ryan began this new job by acquiring the buildings floor plans, the problem was they had been tampered with. So he and Longshot had decided to contact Chains to get a decker to help out with that. While Luman began her day job as a wageslave in the Micro Tech building we were planing to infiltrate. There she noted that the second and third floors seemed fake, while the fourth, fifth and basement levels were off limits to wageslaves but not to her boss. She also noted while filing certain data files away that ‘Project Old Angel’ was moved to site E and that Nyx and the Syndicate were the recipient of many of these reports. It also referenced site alpha as the origin point of the project and that the project had to do with cyber implant tech.
Elsewhere, Black Beard had gotten super drunk/high off of Wizzard, a special cocktail that mixes vodka and LSD, which caused him to go to the ‘Mountain.’ This involved taking the bus to the last bus stop on the outskirt of the city and waiting all afternoon while Black Beard bought drugs from George. Bloodedge happily followed. By night time a vampire had shown up to steal drugs form George. Bloodedge and Black Beard murdered the vampire, incurring the wrath of the Tunnel Rats, a vampire gang at the edge of the city. Ryan and Longshot showed up in time to save Bloodedge and Black Beard from the vampires but the Tunnel Rats swore vengeance to Bloodedge and Black Beard for murdering their blood brother.
Concerned this may become an issue, Ryan and Longshot blackmailed Black Beard to never do drugs again or they will inform Knight Errant that he was the unregistered wizard that crashed their car and that he was drug addict. He didn’t seem to response one way or the other.

Novacoke, Doom, and Speeding Tickets
"You know that dwarf that was with us? He was a wizard!"

Ryan began his infiltration of the Micro Tech building once Longshot began the ‘merry chase’ protocol. This involved leading the Knight Errant officers on a long chase form roof top to shady alleyway to violent gang districts. Whilst in violent gang district Longshot lead them to house that had many gangsters along with “blow, and hookers.” She broke into the gang hideout while the gang was battling the Knight Errant and stole several kilos of Novacoke to sell after the job was completed.
Meanwhile Ryan’s infiltration went very well as he lied his way through Riggs and Murtah (the investigators in the crime scene caused by Longshot) and made his way into the basement to acquire the VIP. Unbeknownst to Ryan, Blackbeard and Chains had already eliminated the target. What Ryan found down there was beyond description, but suffice to say the target was dead. They then regrouped and went to the graveyard to tell Chains of their failure and to sell Novacoke.
We succeeded on those two objectives and received our next job, to infiltrate another Micro Tech building’s servers and acquire and/or destroy the files on something called ‘Project Old Angel.’
Bloodedge and Black Beard decided to speed their while the rest of them rode the bus to the mission site to check it out. But Bloodedge had caught the attention of the local Knight Errant beat cops. In an effort to avoid the 120 nuyen fine he decided to out run the cops. Black Beard helped by using his spirit to crash the cop cars allowing them to escape. This soon spiraled out of control and forced him to dump his bike and vacate his apartment.
Meanwhile Longshot, Ryan, and Luman received a call from the mysterious decker that they had run afoul before. He had a job offer; spy on Chains and report on his movements. Longshot, being paranoid, asked the newly arrived Black Beard to see if they saw anyone in the area. They found a wizard watching them form a nearby building. Longshot shot him in the face killing him instantly, and rejecting the deckers job as the wizard was his friend.
Later Bloodedge was contacted by the decker with the same offer with the added bonus of keeping the cops off of him, he accepted.

Best Laid Plans

The group is given a new job by Chains who instructed them to meet at a grave yard on the outskirts of town. They were supposed to extract an agent from the company Micro-tech who specializes in the manufacture of heavy machinery and industrial equipment. Chains told them to not come to Hell hole for some time as there was a great amount of heat on the shadowrunners at the moment and he did not wish to bring that heat to the bar. This instruction they did not follow and the bar was later investigated by Ares Knight Errant . Long Shot initially decided to infiltrate this business after Lumen had begun to get integrated into the company and acquired a job there under a fake sin. Long shots infiltration went well at first she incapacitated a guard who was on a smoke break and made it inside undetected then she learned that their extraction target was in a lower basement that was only accessible from the managers office on the third floor. This infiltration did not go as well as the manager was prepared for someone to attempt to gain access the basement and called Knight Errant while she was distracting Long Shot. Long Shot escaped the the building before Knight Errant got there meeting back up with Bloodedge and Blackbeard who had been waiting off site for her. They contacted chains from Bloodege’s apartment asking for backup or help on the job as Knight Errant was now swarming the building where their target was located. Chains put them in touch with a Mormon assassin named Ryan Adams who happened to live above Bloodedge. Ryan negotiated his payment and went to the building to sneak in as Long Shot distracted some of the Knight Errant stationed outside of the building.

Kill Joseph - Part Two
"Yo asshole!"


Lumen Pierce continues to follow the grunt until she stands in Joseph’s termporary ballistic glass office in the back, a spartan contrast to the illegal chop shop in the rest of the factory. Following her to her left is Blackbeard, who has still not allowed or told anyone within the party he is a capable magician, and to her right Bloodedge cleverly disguised in order to insure that the man does recognize him from his gang days. Standing in the office, Joseph dismisses the grunt and offers a chair to Lumen.
p. Lumen sits down and begins to nervously make fake terms for a deal, the terms roughly ending up with 15 pairs of used cyberlegs in order to outfit a small gang she wishes to use. She haggles the man down to a reasonable price, especially since she’s not paying, as well as thinking on her feet to seem legitimate. Meanwhile, in the back of the factory, the party is just about to start.
p. While hiding in the back of the factory on the third level catwalk, LongShot was incredibly nervous about when to initiate firing, especially due to the fact that if she took out the two sentries with their guns trained on the group, it would most definitely alert the other grunts and perhaps endanger her coworkers. However, she just barely hears the clicking of a rifle into a chamber, and positioned symmetrically from her across the catwalk is another sniper. Lets call him Mr. Lucky. She dumbly attempts to gain his attention and ascertain if he is also after their target. He merely responds by holding up three fingers, then two, then one, and finally catching on, Sarah fires two shots at the snipers on the catwalk.
p. Lumen, Blackbeard, and Bloodedge find their day suitably ruined when the man standing infront of them is sublimated by a Barret 122 .50 cal High Explosive Round. Rolling with it in stride, Bloodedge and Lumen quickly pull out their guns and prepare to throw down some lead at anything that asks for it. Blackbeard, while still maintaining a gruff and hardass look, is completely suprised and taken aback by the utter annihilation of the man in front of him.
p. Longshot easily kills her two targets and notices that Mr. Lucky has jumped down to the ground floor and is now making his way towards the office. Unfortunately for Mr. Lucky, she also notices his sexy Barret 122 rifle he has with him. She acts quickly, and filled with envy fires three shots at Mr. Lucky. The first one misses fairly easily, but the other two hit their target dead to rights as though fate demanded they succeed when they left the barrel. However after landing her hits and feeling extremely successful at the idea of snagging a sleek barret for free, she notices the whirring of blades behind her, those of a drone.
p . Meanwhile, barely after they had reading themselves, a sleek hidden turret springs into view from the roof above Josephs office and begins to fire. Reacting quickly, Bloodedge quickly fills the turret with lead from his AK-97 greatly diminishing its capabilities, but ultimately leaving it intact. However, Lumen fires off a shot from her pistol and miraculously downs the turret.
p. Reacting to the drone, Longshot effortlessly moves away from the drone and fires into it, an explosion causing the catwalk to fall down in a leaning manner. Bloodedge meanwhile gets ready for the round of grunts obviously on their way.
p. Suddenly, the lights in the building turn off, leaving merely the few windows not blacked out to stream light into the large warehouse. The group is suprised by this, but considering most have access to low light or thermographic vision by one mean or another, shrug it off and continue with their personal objectives. Longshot ejects an old and inserts a new clip, before jumping down and moving over to the man she just shot in cold envy. Remarkably she notices he is still alive and wishes to maintain that condition for him.
p. Bloodedge fires at two very unlucky grunts that have rounded the corner to where he is and knocks the wind out of both with his gun. Meanwhile Longshot mentions under her breath that she needs to review her morality, when she begins attempting to stabilize the man she just shot. The nervousness of the situation along with the surroundings make it fairly difficult and she fails to stabilize him. Determined to do so she begins to attempt it one more time before noticing the whirring the medical drones that were arranged in the back of the chop shop. New varieties of screams fill the air as the three recieving augments find themselves assaulted with a multitude of surgical tools. Knowing that if they start moving it wouldn’t take them long to reach her, Longshot picks Mr. Lucky up and carries him to the office where the others are.
p. Tired of fighting at range, Bloodedge charges the two nearest to him and in one fluid motion kills the two he had had previously hit. Longshot finally notices Bloodedge in a fight and takes one shot with her FN HAR at grunt #3 and downs him, trusting that Bloodedge can finish the last one off. Bloodedge, earning his name finally, easily decapitates the last grunt and walks back to the room.
p. Finally gathered together, the silence is disturbed by the commlink of Mr.Lucky, “Yo asshole!” Suprised, Longshot responds nervously. “Hello? And this would be?” said Longshot, terrified of the repercussions. “Yeah it was my sniper you shot. Now usually im not really that angry, but you just shot him for like no reason. So im kind of pissed.” Mr Decker began explaining. “But we seem to be at an impasse, because I want the CredStick you folks nabbed off his body and Im assuming you dont want to learn firsthand about all of the explosives I rigged the perimeter with, so you give us the damn credstick, and my sniper if you will, and I let you leave.”
p. Lumen and Bloodedge are both extremely annoyed to learn that Longshot had shot Mr. Lucky but after much debate they decide to try their luck with leaving the credstick outside for Mr.Decker to take and to try and get some pay from Mr. Johnson for the assassination at least. Longshot invites Bloodedge and Lumen back to her apartment so that they may shower and clean themselves off from the various body parts that were pureed and put on them. The next morning they all meet at Hell-Hole in order to meet the Johnson and collect some pay. The three of them, along with Blackbeard joining them now, walk downstairs into the nice bar and explain how they were able to kill Joseph but due to some serious complications were unable to get the credstick.
p. To their astonishment, Blackbeard casually lays the credstick on the table. For while the others were all trying to get away from the warehouse as far as possible and as fast as possible, Blackbeard stayed behind and after casting a Improved Invisibility on himself, commanded a Fire Spirit that he had summoned earlier to retrieve the credstick and bring it back to him. The entire group receives a lovely bonus on cash due to Blackbeards suprise and each part ways to spend some well deserved free time.
p. Bloodedge is looking over equipment options for himself. Longshot is trying to repair the Barret 122 she stole from Mr. Lucky, considering she took the gun apart around the bombs rather than going after the bombs. Lumen is fostering her various contacts and keeping in touch with them. And Blackbeard, well he’s probably murdering some more Hobos that happen to be near his Hobo-Dome.

Kill Joseph - Part One
"Wait, where's the twist?"

p. Lumen, Sarah, and Kuzeku all arrive outside a nondescript building with a black armor plated bus in front of them. After Sarah goes inside and confirms this is the meeting place, Lumen and Kuzeku walk in and begin talking. Johnson tells them that the job is kill to a mid level Ares Exec named Joseph who has been selling certain items to the 405 Bloodhounds. Whether these sales are “condoned” or not by Ares is not discussed. They are then introduced to Blackbeard, also known as “Techboy” by Chains, who only says that he is good with swords. He is also a wizard, but does not happen to mention this to the team. They then get off the bus, with Lumen and Kuzeku heading towards Hellhole, while Blackbeard and Sarah go walking around.
p. After the rather high level of fear they felt after charging in without an adequate plan last time, the group decides to devote more time to planning this time. Plans range from killing everyone to the finalized plan of infiltrating the 405’s for information as to the location of the dealer. For this Kuzeku brings in his old underling, Bloodhound, who Lumen begins talking to and asking for information. He begins to talk to Lumen and eventually she is able to convince him to take her to a meeting with the new Lieutenant who is dealing with Joseph.
p. Meanwhile, Sarah decides to track down a rather upscale vehicle which had passed the group when they first got off the bus. In doing so however, she becomes ridiculously lost, also attracting the attention of an apparantly extremely unlucky troll. The troll tells her to give him all her money. She responds by offering the troll a fairly lenient offer that if he backs off now, he wont lie dead in the streets. This catches him off guard but still determined to get her money. She fires one bullet from her FN HAR aimed at his head and nearly kills him with one shot. Feeling bad, she uses a trauma patch on him and leaves him with a grenade, as a form of payment.
p. Blackbeard however faced no such mugging and after Sarah is able to find him, they both leave for Hellhole. They find the place fairly easily and decide on a course of action. Lumen is going to meet the new Lieutenant the next day and Sarah will be following so as to provide sniper support if necessary. Blackbeard goes home to his Hobo Tenant and notices the five other hobos in his domain. He decides to teach them a lesson and after easily powering his strength up to troll like levels, bisects a human hobo in two and easily kills a troll in two hits. He briefly considers stringing them up outside as a warning method but decides against it due to the attention it would call down. He goes to sleep covered in blood and wakes up covered in blood.
p. Lumen poses as someone interested in making deals with the Ares Exec and easily convinces the 405 Lieutenant of that. However she finds that she needs to find some way to inform Sarah of the information in the Manilla Folder that Johnson had given them. So she reluctantly sends Sarah to her Apartment building with her real name where Sarah abuses the trust but also takes the manilla folder. Lumen is able to successfully negotiate for the Lieutenant to set up a time and place for her to meet and discuss business with Joseph. She then leaves to go to a party downstairs. Knowing that she shouldn’t need backup now, Sarah goes back to Hell-Hole.
p. They wait two weeks, each living their lives and going about routine activities until the fated day. Before heading out, Blackbeard summons a Force 5 Fire Spirit (with the fear optional power) and has it follow him waiting for his commands. A black SUV appears for Lumen to get into, with Kuzeku and Blackbeard acting as bodyguards. While the plan was initially for Sarah to follow the van and track it, this quickly proves beyond her set of skills. So improvising she decides to run and sneak underneath the vehicle and cling to it for dear life. Luckily, she is able to do so without causing terrible pain to herself.
p. The vehicle arrives at the docks. The area is fairly abandoned but also with anything that could serve as a sniper post taken down. 6 pairs of legs appear to Sarah from underneath the car. Lumen and her bodyguards are escorted inside the building, where they notice 6 medical tents set up for the purposes of mass surgery and cyber augmenting. There tour guide is a hispanic man with a cybernetic leg. With some skill and patience, Sarah is able to sneak into the building and on top of the catwalk. Sarah notices 2 snipers with weapons trained on Blackbeard and Kuzeku. Struggling over whether or not to fire at them, she decides to let the boys on the floor be the ones to start the party.
(Please tell me if you think I missed anything. I am trying quite a bit to make sure that these arent centered towards my character, though that can be somewhat difficult.

First Run
"I like trucks"

IlikeTrucks.jpg Bloodedge gets pulled into the Hellhole bar by Chains. Inside is Longshot already waiting sipping some soy-water. Chains takes Bloodedge to a booth and sits him down while telling him to wait. He then approaches Longshot and entices her to join them by using information he learned of her somehow. At that moment Lumen walks in to talk to her bartender friend, Francisco for any information he may have. Longshot, after hearing Bloodedge is having a bad day, plays wing girl and gets Lumen to come over to the table.
Eventually they are led downstairs where they meet Mr.Johnson, an orc in nice clothing and surrounded by a much higher class of bar than upstairs. There they are each offered a job driving a truck to a location, procuring a certain crate from the gang there (means unspecified), and to kill the gang leader. They spend roughly 5 minutes making plans and then meet up later the next day at the trucks hidden location.
They arrive at the truck and drive to the location where Longshot gets into a position on a nearby crane with her rifle as Bloodedge and Lumen approach the gang, leading them to believe that they are prospective buyers for the crate. Lumen easily talks her way into the facility where they are now out of Longshots over-watch. As they talk to the boss, Lumen falters slightly but Bloodedge steps in casually and fools the gang boss. After this Lumen name drops Saeder-Krupp, immediately striking terror and fervor into the gang boss. He commands all of his men to begin loading the truck. However, he is expecting payment, which they dont have. Meanwhile Bloodedge is becoming incredibly antsy, wishing to get the first strike with his katana.
Longshot gives the word that she is going to fire, gaining the element of surpise. She sends 3 APDS rounds into 2 mooks and the Boss, ending their life from 300 meters away. Barely a step slower than her, Bloodedge swings out with his sword, slashing one mans arm off, driving a surface gash into another mans chest, but sadly missing the third man he attempted to take down. Chains opens up with a single pistol shot to the uninjured man and he dies easily. Lumen dives into the truck for cover and takes a simple shot with her gun, missing however. Longshot sends another 3 APDS bullets downrange and ends the encounter. All told the encounter took only 6 seconds to kill 7 men. With the crate loaded into the truck, Chains drives the truck back to the spot leaving the three there.
As they panic over what to do with the bodies or if to loot them, they hear sirens coming towards them and quickly spread out. Lumen and Bloodedge are covered in blood, Lumen going to an associate for shower and change of clothes while Bloodedge gos to a now irate ex girlfriend of his. They meet back up at the bar, Longshot in the same cloths fairly relaxed, Bloodedge having washed his clothes, and Lumen once again looking gorgeous in an entirely different set of clothing. They proceed downstairs where they inform Mr. Johnson that the job has been completed. He is incredibly impressed at their speed, considering he gave them a week, and adds in a bonus. They make 9000 Nuyen a piece and quickly decide to spend the night at the club Blackout.
While there, Bloodedge and Lumen open up about themselves with Bloodedge revealing a real name for himself and Lumen talking about the Syndicate which she has ties against, if she could learn of them. Longshot remains somewhat silent, unwilling to reveal much of herself. After drinking and partying they all go to their respective homes, with Longshot having bought that night an apartment apparantly in the same building as Chains.


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