Dead man's echos

A Mountain of Trouble

The Wizzard made me do it!


Ryan began this new job by acquiring the buildings floor plans, the problem was they had been tampered with. So he and Longshot had decided to contact Chains to get a decker to help out with that. While Luman began her day job as a wageslave in the Micro Tech building we were planing to infiltrate. There she noted that the second and third floors seemed fake, while the fourth, fifth and basement levels were off limits to wageslaves but not to her boss. She also noted while filing certain data files away that ‘Project Old Angel’ was moved to site E and that Nyx and the Syndicate were the recipient of many of these reports. It also referenced site alpha as the origin point of the project and that the project had to do with cyber implant tech.
Elsewhere, Black Beard had gotten super drunk/high off of Wizzard, a special cocktail that mixes vodka and LSD, which caused him to go to the ‘Mountain.’ This involved taking the bus to the last bus stop on the outskirt of the city and waiting all afternoon while Black Beard bought drugs from George. Bloodedge happily followed. By night time a vampire had shown up to steal drugs form George. Bloodedge and Black Beard murdered the vampire, incurring the wrath of the Tunnel Rats, a vampire gang at the edge of the city. Ryan and Longshot showed up in time to save Bloodedge and Black Beard from the vampires but the Tunnel Rats swore vengeance to Bloodedge and Black Beard for murdering their blood brother.
Concerned this may become an issue, Ryan and Longshot blackmailed Black Beard to never do drugs again or they will inform Knight Errant that he was the unregistered wizard that crashed their car and that he was drug addict. He didn’t seem to response one way or the other.



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