Dead man's echos

Kill Joseph - Part Two

"Yo asshole!"


Lumen Pierce continues to follow the grunt until she stands in Joseph’s termporary ballistic glass office in the back, a spartan contrast to the illegal chop shop in the rest of the factory. Following her to her left is Blackbeard, who has still not allowed or told anyone within the party he is a capable magician, and to her right Bloodedge cleverly disguised in order to insure that the man does recognize him from his gang days. Standing in the office, Joseph dismisses the grunt and offers a chair to Lumen.
p. Lumen sits down and begins to nervously make fake terms for a deal, the terms roughly ending up with 15 pairs of used cyberlegs in order to outfit a small gang she wishes to use. She haggles the man down to a reasonable price, especially since she’s not paying, as well as thinking on her feet to seem legitimate. Meanwhile, in the back of the factory, the party is just about to start.
p. While hiding in the back of the factory on the third level catwalk, LongShot was incredibly nervous about when to initiate firing, especially due to the fact that if she took out the two sentries with their guns trained on the group, it would most definitely alert the other grunts and perhaps endanger her coworkers. However, she just barely hears the clicking of a rifle into a chamber, and positioned symmetrically from her across the catwalk is another sniper. Lets call him Mr. Lucky. She dumbly attempts to gain his attention and ascertain if he is also after their target. He merely responds by holding up three fingers, then two, then one, and finally catching on, Sarah fires two shots at the snipers on the catwalk.
p. Lumen, Blackbeard, and Bloodedge find their day suitably ruined when the man standing infront of them is sublimated by a Barret 122 .50 cal High Explosive Round. Rolling with it in stride, Bloodedge and Lumen quickly pull out their guns and prepare to throw down some lead at anything that asks for it. Blackbeard, while still maintaining a gruff and hardass look, is completely suprised and taken aback by the utter annihilation of the man in front of him.
p. Longshot easily kills her two targets and notices that Mr. Lucky has jumped down to the ground floor and is now making his way towards the office. Unfortunately for Mr. Lucky, she also notices his sexy Barret 122 rifle he has with him. She acts quickly, and filled with envy fires three shots at Mr. Lucky. The first one misses fairly easily, but the other two hit their target dead to rights as though fate demanded they succeed when they left the barrel. However after landing her hits and feeling extremely successful at the idea of snagging a sleek barret for free, she notices the whirring of blades behind her, those of a drone.
p . Meanwhile, barely after they had reading themselves, a sleek hidden turret springs into view from the roof above Josephs office and begins to fire. Reacting quickly, Bloodedge quickly fills the turret with lead from his AK-97 greatly diminishing its capabilities, but ultimately leaving it intact. However, Lumen fires off a shot from her pistol and miraculously downs the turret.
p. Reacting to the drone, Longshot effortlessly moves away from the drone and fires into it, an explosion causing the catwalk to fall down in a leaning manner. Bloodedge meanwhile gets ready for the round of grunts obviously on their way.
p. Suddenly, the lights in the building turn off, leaving merely the few windows not blacked out to stream light into the large warehouse. The group is suprised by this, but considering most have access to low light or thermographic vision by one mean or another, shrug it off and continue with their personal objectives. Longshot ejects an old and inserts a new clip, before jumping down and moving over to the man she just shot in cold envy. Remarkably she notices he is still alive and wishes to maintain that condition for him.
p. Bloodedge fires at two very unlucky grunts that have rounded the corner to where he is and knocks the wind out of both with his gun. Meanwhile Longshot mentions under her breath that she needs to review her morality, when she begins attempting to stabilize the man she just shot. The nervousness of the situation along with the surroundings make it fairly difficult and she fails to stabilize him. Determined to do so she begins to attempt it one more time before noticing the whirring the medical drones that were arranged in the back of the chop shop. New varieties of screams fill the air as the three recieving augments find themselves assaulted with a multitude of surgical tools. Knowing that if they start moving it wouldn’t take them long to reach her, Longshot picks Mr. Lucky up and carries him to the office where the others are.
p. Tired of fighting at range, Bloodedge charges the two nearest to him and in one fluid motion kills the two he had had previously hit. Longshot finally notices Bloodedge in a fight and takes one shot with her FN HAR at grunt #3 and downs him, trusting that Bloodedge can finish the last one off. Bloodedge, earning his name finally, easily decapitates the last grunt and walks back to the room.
p. Finally gathered together, the silence is disturbed by the commlink of Mr.Lucky, “Yo asshole!” Suprised, Longshot responds nervously. “Hello? And this would be?” said Longshot, terrified of the repercussions. “Yeah it was my sniper you shot. Now usually im not really that angry, but you just shot him for like no reason. So im kind of pissed.” Mr Decker began explaining. “But we seem to be at an impasse, because I want the CredStick you folks nabbed off his body and Im assuming you dont want to learn firsthand about all of the explosives I rigged the perimeter with, so you give us the damn credstick, and my sniper if you will, and I let you leave.”
p. Lumen and Bloodedge are both extremely annoyed to learn that Longshot had shot Mr. Lucky but after much debate they decide to try their luck with leaving the credstick outside for Mr.Decker to take and to try and get some pay from Mr. Johnson for the assassination at least. Longshot invites Bloodedge and Lumen back to her apartment so that they may shower and clean themselves off from the various body parts that were pureed and put on them. The next morning they all meet at Hell-Hole in order to meet the Johnson and collect some pay. The three of them, along with Blackbeard joining them now, walk downstairs into the nice bar and explain how they were able to kill Joseph but due to some serious complications were unable to get the credstick.
p. To their astonishment, Blackbeard casually lays the credstick on the table. For while the others were all trying to get away from the warehouse as far as possible and as fast as possible, Blackbeard stayed behind and after casting a Improved Invisibility on himself, commanded a Fire Spirit that he had summoned earlier to retrieve the credstick and bring it back to him. The entire group receives a lovely bonus on cash due to Blackbeards suprise and each part ways to spend some well deserved free time.
p. Bloodedge is looking over equipment options for himself. Longshot is trying to repair the Barret 122 she stole from Mr. Lucky, considering she took the gun apart around the bombs rather than going after the bombs. Lumen is fostering her various contacts and keeping in touch with them. And Blackbeard, well he’s probably murdering some more Hobos that happen to be near his Hobo-Dome.



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